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Adding CUPS printers

When you are using CUPS as a printer server you probably would like to enter your printer(s) on your MAC connecting to the printer server. To do this do the following

Open Printers & Scanners on your MAC

you probably have to unlock with an administrator account first

Enter your account and password

Click the + on the left corner to add a printer and select Add Printer or Scanner…

In the Add Screen select the icon IP

  • In the Add window enter the hostname of your printer server (here remote)
  • the Queue name of your printer (here printers/brother_color) where brother_color is your sharename and printers the standard location of CUPS to share printers
  • Give you printer a Name (here Brother Color)
  • The Location is for your own information and doesn't need to be filled

Under USE: scroll to Select Software

Select your printer in the upcoming list and press OK. If the it's not listed install the printer driver on your MAC first.

If everything went fine you are able to press ADD and your printer will be listed in Printers & Scanners

You're now able to use your printer on a remote server.


Your ArtIT Team


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