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How to claibrate APC after battery changed

If you have changed your APC battery you might need to re-calibrate your batteries. This is to ensure to display and calculate the correct remaining time of the battery. To do a battery calibration do the following:

  • To avoid surprises (just in case) take the server off-line by stopping the array.
  • In the UPS settings you then stop the APCUPSD daemon (service apcupsd stop), and apply.
  • Assuming that you have a keyboard and monitor attached to your server, at the command line you then run “apctest”. (or you can run from a remote login)
  • That utility offers a number of options such as self-test frequency, audible alarms on or off, etc. Not all functions are supported by all UPSs.
  • Provided that the UPS thinks the batteries are fully charged you can then run the calibration option.
  • It will then automatically disconnect the load from the mains and run it from the UPS until the batteries are almost empty.
  • Just before they are exhausted it should reconnect back to the mains and the batteries will then start to recharge.
  • Exit the command line session and restart the daemon before you restart the unRAID array.

That's all there is to it. The UPS status report should then reflect the updated battery condition and estimated run time.


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