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How to manually update your iMac

If you don't want to update your iMac to the latest OS version but only want to have the latest patches of you current MacOS you can do so by using the Terminal.

To check for patches open a terminal and type the following:

 softwareupdate -l

This will list all available patches for your current MacOS.If you like to install them type:

 sudo softwareupdate -ir

This will install the recommendet patches for your MacOS. If you do have a big list in available software and just want to install a specific patch type the following:

 sudo softwareupdate -i iPhoneConfigurationUtility-3.2  <-- for example

The softwareupdate -l command gives you a list of available software. Select the software you want and type it over exactly as it is listed in with the -l command (in this example iPhoneConfigurationUtility-3.2)

Ther is also a way to exclude a software you don't want to install in a list of patches you like to install. To exclude a software type:

 sudo softwareupdate --ignore iWeb3.0.2-3.0.2

In this example iWeb3.0.2-3.0.2 will not be installed but the rest will.

For more help on the softwareupdate command type

 softwareupdate -h


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