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How to remove ._ and other files in Zentyal

If you work with Mac's on Zentyal you should see a additional file created every time you copy or move a file from your Mac to Zentyal. So if you copy myfile.txt to Zentyal you should see:

  • myfile.txt
  • ._myfile.txt

This is a typical behavior for Mac's on Zentyal. As Mac's store additional file attributes the store them with the extension ._ on a remote machine.

To get rid of these files on creation you can edit the file

 nano /usr/share/zentyal/stubs/samba/smb.conf.mas

This file adds additionl contents to your SMB file on Zentyal. Remember editing the smb.conf in Zentyal will be of no use as this file will be recreated everytime you boot your Zentyal server. So to make this permanent use the smb.conf.mas file.

Add these 3 lines to you smb.conf.mas file somewhere at the end of the [global] section:

 veto files = ._*  <-- or add additional files you don't want to see 
 delete veto files = yes

That should do the trick.

Your ArtIT Team


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