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Adding ATIS Frequency

To correct an ATIS frequency, you must edit your appropriate airport scenery APT.DAT file. For example, if you would like to change the Freqency of EHAM (Amterdam Schiphol Airport), you have to go to your Custom Scenery folder where you have EHAM installed. Locate your EHAM Folder (could be another name like Amsterdam or Schiphol Airport), enter the folder en locate the APT.DAT file in the EARTH NAV DATA folder:

D:\X-Plane\Custom Scenery\EHAM Schiphl\Earth nav data\apt.dat

Open the file with Notepad++ and look for an entry starting with 50 (since there are probably lots of entries with 20 in your file. The entry you are looking for is

50 12367 ATIS

the following number are standing for:

51 → Unicom, CTAF, Radio
52 → Clearance Delivery
53 → Ground
54 → Tower
55 → Approach
56 → Departure

The number 12367 indicates the frequency, in this case 123,67.

The last entry matches the description, in this case ATIS.

If you have to add or change a certain frequency just edit the apt.dat in your Custom Senery folder and you will have your adjusted tune.


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