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How to make a bootable MS Windows USB on a MAC

Make sure you have rights as an administrator on your MAC.Than plug-in your USB into your MAC.

Open a terminal and type the following to determine your USB drive:

diskutil list

Next unmount the USB by typing the following into your terminal:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk[number you found]

So for example if you found your drive to be disk3 then the line should say distil unmountDisk /dev/disk3.

Next you wil enter the image location of your windows installation (the .iso file). Don't press return yet!!!

Enter the following:

sudo dd if=

then go to your .iso image and drop it into your terminal box. Don't press return yet!!!

After the iso image you type the following:

of=/dev/disk[your disk number] bs=1m

so the line looks like this:

dd if=/Volumes/Hackintosh\ HD/El\ Capitan\ Home/username/Desktop/Win10_English_x64.iso of=/dev/disk3 bs=1m

you might have sudo in front of your line, that's ok.

Hit enter and your image should be on its way to your USB. You might have to enter your password to start the action.

Please note that after hitting enter, it seems like nothing is happening. Please do not interrupt the progress until your command prompt is back again!!! This is very important since there wil be no progress indication. This could take some time. (15-50 minutes).

Finally you have to eject your usb. Do this by typing

diskutil eject /dev/disk[your disk number].

Your Bootable Windows USB is now ready.


Your ArtIT Team


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