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How to upgrade a linux Debian Distor

I have learned it the hardway and for years I've not been able to fully upgrade a linux Distro without errors. Most of the time I ended up to re-install the new Distro and restore the old data.

If you follow this guide you should be abel to upgrade your Debian Distro without having to re-install it. You should be able to resolve most of the dependancy problems aswel.

So let's get started.

First you should always use aptitude as an upgrade tool.

Try to alway start with a client system
aptitude update
aptitude upgrade
apt-get autoremove
aptitude clean
aptitude install aptitude apt dpkg or with apt-get apt-get install apt
aptitude -y -s -f - -with-recommends dist-upgrade
aptitude safe-upgrade
aptitude dist-upgrade

Now if you encounter dependancy errors after distrib note the names of the package errors and do the following:

dpkg - -remove package_name
aptitude -f install
dpkg - -configure - -pending

In extreme cases you have to resolve conflicts with a force command like

dpkg -r - -force-depends and your package_name

That should do the trick.

Your ArtIT Team


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